To Be Loved 

I want to start by saying thank you, thank you for taking time to read this you won’t regret it.

Why this title? I’ve been thinking about relationships a lot lately. Like “should I get a boyfriend”, “does he like me or are we just friends” and I totally believe it’s a result of so  many people asking the question “Why are you single”.

As much as I’d love to blame the person who broke my heart , there is no amount of heart break that God can’t fix. I remember once telling someone “I am healing” and he said to me “You’re already healed all you have to do is to fully acknowledge it and walk with that mindset”.

Now I am like 20, don’t really feel the need for a relationship, between ministry,work and my music I don’t think I have the time to love someone I would say . In all these statements I was denying the privilege of being loved . I was refusing the expression of God’s love to me through a person. It finally hit me this past week . I stood in amazement looking at this gift bag in front of me , the gift bag had goodies in it including CHOCOLATE. How I love chocolate . Hallelujah , I burst into tongues of Joy. I felt love in a way I had never experienced before . And the day before I watched someone sow the seed of sacrificing there time to do something they weren’t particularly familiar with just to fulfil a promise. My heart was in a warm place, firm in real love. In unconditional and unlimited pure love.

What am I trying to get at? Am I bashing my ex’s?Not at all. Am I giving someone hints? Maybe but not really haha! Am I finally getting a boyfriend ? Absolutely No. What I am trying to say is this is the kind of Love we experience in God. He calls it “Perfect Love” in 1 John 4:18. The love that exceeds your expectations, Check out Proverbs 23:18 “Surely there is an end ; and thine expectation shall not be cut off”. What a loving God we have , He is saying to you today, grow in His love for you, be aware of His love for you and allow people to express his love towards you. Don’t become worn out because of giving away your love. If you feel broken, “He healeth the broken in heart,and binders up their wounds” Psalm 147:3. You don’t need a bae to feel loved, recognise the Love of God around you and soak in it then sneeze it into people’s lives . 

Love Zaithwa 🙂 

(Special thanks to My Daddy for teaching me the word on maturity in love -Pastor Aubrey)


Discover Why You Are Beautiful 

Id love to share this with you..

I know that most people don’t really ask themselves or others why they are beautiful. They thank the Lord they are beautiful,  I mean take King David for example (One of my favourites,Psalms is the life maaaaan) he says “..I will praise thee for I am fearfully and wonderfully made..” .

One thing that stands out for me in the life of King David is how much he had awareness of his identity in God. Like King David would say things like
Vs7  “How precious also are thy thoughts unto me, O God! how great is the sum of them!”
Presently we can learn from his life with the same attitude.
There was a day I believe I was looking particularly astonishing , I had given attention to my make up and coordinated my outfit . I had a daughters of destiny meeting to attend, that day though I was so tired , I was walking half asleep – I know you know what I mean.
The daughters of destiny chair Person for Blantyre had asked me to lead the programme(to be honest i was about to refuse – 98% about) but I discovered as I started leading intercession all my weariness faded , I realised the more I prayed my body was regaining strength. By the end of intercession I was full of energy!! You can just imagine what happened at the end, I was totally fired up as someone shared something on the responsibility we had as Christians to draw others to Christ.

I made up my mind to win souls after the service. On my way home I met 5 guys in the minibus , I greeted the one who was sitting right next to me with a cheerful and contagious smile, I was like “Aha☝ I have your attention” I asked this guy a few questions and realised his friends were also listening, I took the liberty of inviting them to church. I told them church was beautiful and they had to prioritise it as I hurried off the bus.

(Once you get someone’s attention, hit it right on thaaat nail before they start thinking of other things ..)
My aim as I was coming out of the house was to win souls that day though physically I was exhausted.. I wanted to step out of my comfort zone.. but it seemed to me as i thought everyone I talked to was the wrong person ? But it wasn’t so..
I planted a seed, the word of God is that seed, I preach Jesus. They may have been hesitant to receive and even refused but it’s okay one day they will come. And oh what a glorious day that will be.
Soul winning is not hard , it’s wise (Proverbs 11:30), prepare yourself well and you’ll succeed ! Don’t be discouraged or moved . Live by the word . Trust God. It is all working out for your Good.

Why are you beautiful?  Why is your life the way it is – It is simply to the Glory of God.

As we are the salt and light of the world we are a point of contact for someone with the master Jesus.

I’ll leave you with this what I remember from what Pastor Victoria Daniel preached at one glamorous ladies meeting in June 2016

She asked “What does your beauty attract”?

It is best that we are not the centre of attention but God since our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit and Honorable vessels for God. When people are drawn toward you know that you ought to reflect Christ, let all men see the beauty and person who is Jesus. I strongle believe that God makes our lives beautiful when we come to him and focus on him, but this is not so that people enjoy look at the outward man but rather be inspired to live just like us , so they also become just as beautiful. God desires to make your life beautiful, trust him with it.

(New Living Translation)
To all who mourn in Israel, he will give a crown of beauty for ashes, a joyous blessing instead of mourning, festive praise instead of despair. In their righteousness, they will be like great oaks that the LORD has planted for his own glory. -Isaiah 61:3


THEREFORE BE imitators of God [copy Him and follow His example], as well-beloved children [imitate their father]. -Ephesians 5:1

(New Living Translation)

May our sons flourish in their youth like well-nurtured plants. May our daughters be like graceful pillars, carved to beautify a palace. -Psalm 144:12
Yours in Christ,

Flourishing Zaithwa 🙂

Closing that chapter ..

…. From where we left off , I know right, I was thinking the same thing .. like “taken time”? Where is this coming from ? What’s she saying? 

I have your answer , that was a cough . Clearing my throat for the season finally of my recall of my rather eventful teenage years. This is my gratitude to my Father in heaven, It took me a while to realise he was the one orchestrating the shenanigans, but as a woman of God and a man of God once told me God is the best movie director,just look at your life. In school I would joke around and say my life was a movie 😅😂😄. Now it makes more sense that I don’t know what is coming but I anticipate great things throughout, God the father,God the Son and God the Holy Spirit! 

Keep reading and know why ..

This trinity make the best productions . Look at Kings the movie the ever amazing and inspiring BIBLE. Look at “Kinging Esther” or “Psalms the musical” better yet “The proverbs way of life” . I am certain your life and my life are just as these past productions and even more according to God the son. He says to us 

John 14:12 : “Truly, truly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do, he will do also; and greater works than these he will do; because I go to the Father.”

You know most people don’t believe this, well that’s y he first thing his urging us to do BELIEVE.

 You are just like Jesus, you can talk , walk, be just like him. Sweet! 
Back to movie talk, the ability to write that I have also comes from him, BEST inspiration The Precious HOLY SPIRIT. His with me right now and his helping me write . I wouldn’t be able to remember things the way I do without The HOLY SPIRIT,  he reminds me of all things !!! His so awesome. If you don’t know him, get to know him, you will wonder how you managed to live without him. For me now ,  to live without the HOLY SPIRIT is a risk, it’s like my life becomes a dry and cracked land, for the one who ReIGNS is my rain. 
Between the ages of fifteen to twenty I experienced a series of what some would say ” the teenage life” , this my friends is not for the faint hearted. If your are not ready to read the truth and you like stories coated with a thick blanket of sugar,  WRONG Blog! !  STOP READING !! 

EVERYTHING I am about to say is real and happened to me. As we are in the theme of movies this is based on a “real and true life story”.

●At fifteen I wrote my IGCSE examinations, I don’t remember knowing how to study, I just used to draw spider diagrams and I thought that would get me A*s. To me , I only passed English. The rest were 2Cs and 4Ds. So many Ds why? I had too many Distractions… talk of home,boyfriend,friends,drama. You Name it!
● I decided to break up with my boyfriend after I saw how well he did honestly and the constant fights were draining , at sixteen I had no plans of ever dating again and all these boys ever wanted was sex! Rubbish, wasn’t it meant to be saved and living for Jesus? How was all this getting in the way? One answer bad company! My friends didn’t have to tell me to do bad things, I sort of observed and figured if they take a left then a right , that was the direction I was takino. None of my friends were sold out Christians first of all but I had this one friend, she’s more than a friend though she bought me a copy of “Victorious living” by Dr James Kumwenda oh boy! That book changed my life.. it has these things at the end of certain pages asking you how you will act on the word you had received. Those questions made me SWEAT! There was really one sweet thing about my sweet sixteen, that I see now, I mean my boyfriend didn’t call me, we had no cake , my father was out of town, my mother wasn’t happy , it didn’t seem right. Until Melody visited with her whole family and brought me this book and this huge card!! You know sixteen was that year! My parents probably knew but chose not to expose me, but I feel like it was an experimental year now, I got exposed to so many things! Dangerous things! But I hardly partook. (Is that a word? ). Drinks,  Boys, the wring type of music, clothes what what depression  was the end result. I had a huge break up that no teenager should experience,  I felt suicidal,  like Sean Kingstone yes. Hahaha! But guess what I did? I run to Jesus. “I surrenderr” by hillsong was all I would sing and listen to. I didn’t want to talk to anyone , but obviously that would’ve raised questions so I pretended to alright. Then I would listen to the “Recovery” album by Justin Bieber. I didn’t know there was much greater Joy in the word of God.
●At seventeen , I lost Almost all of my friends. God decided to clear the way!!! He did some general cleaning.. even when I tried to stay in touch.. the circle I had just disappeared,  we no longer had much in common. My parents seperated, in this period I was very confused , I was hurt and I wanted answers!  God wanted me alone. He dealt with my insecurities;my questions;  my filth and all that was unpleasant! I lost friends and Gained GOD! I begun to speak to him as a person. I would tell him fine , we are not doing as well as we used to, I am not in school but I’m going to live for you and you will make things work for me. I had received Christ 3 years before this still had no idea what being Christian was all about . Murder!  But we thank God for the wise councils he brought .

●We are about to finish , this was the year that defined the course of the preceeding years! I became legal and KiNGDOM minded! I dedicated my life to SERVIVING GOD!  My exact word where “I do not want to be disconnected from my source the source which is JESUS” from JOHN15 . He heard me and his been working in my life ever since!!!! Duuuudeeeee. So the details are too long hahaha! I mean what will I put in the book if I write it all here ? 

Everyday I am learning, to be just like Jesus . Enot your journey, embrace the word of God. Believe what is true and that is the word of God. It will set you free and launch you into greatness! 

I would like to pray for you 

Father , thank you for this person who has gone through my story. Thank you because that was what you wanted . Lord may you inspire them to pray. To be honest with themselves and dedicate fully all they have and all they are to you Father ! In the name of Jesus. May your Holy Spirit accompany them throughout there lives! Amen! 
-the end 

Thank you Jesus.

Taken Time

This is a short blog, something to nibble on or take a huge bite out of… Constantly he urges me.. “Make the most of every opportunity because the days are evil” (Ephesians 5:17) a…

Source: Taken Time

Taken Time

This is a short blog, something to nibble on or take a huge bite out of…


Constantly he urges me..

“Make the most of every opportunity because the days are evil” (Ephesians 5:17)

and yet..

It has taken time, time , a measure of a sequence of events or evaluation of breath let out?

It has taken time to teach me not to play with fire, which has left a scar in my hands from the things that I should NOT – have touched or even thought of. 


It has taken time for me to realize that the only goal I had eyes on was the goal with the strongest keeper, the one who kept me from scoring and led me to believe i was a loser.

It has taken time in its many forms , short-lived or long-lasting moments to tag me along the winning team.. (Philippians 3)

Where they are teaching me how to “number my days” and work out my salvation with fear and trembling… (psalm 90:12)

So that i don’t waste any more time, because no one knows the hour nor the day that the winning team will take their own and crown them with glory, those who persevered and did NOT as the world but as the WORD.  (Mathew 24:36)

I will not waste anymore time, focusing on that which does not matter nor benefit the kingdom, my eyes are set and fixed on JESUS the author and perfecter of our faith, whom for the joy that was set before him conquered and endured the cross. (Colossians 3 :2,Hebrews 12:2)

The joy that was set before him gave him the strength , let the joy of the Lord be your strength today! He sure is my strength.

– SingerZai.img-thing.jpg


It’s Personal

Two cakes ? How considerate could my parents get? Yet I was still ungrateful because I didn’t get what I really wanted. Now the question in your head maybe what did you want?

I was turning fourteen, it may sound silly but all I wanted was a “happy birthday ” from Justin Bieber. I don’t remember smiling on my birthday. It was terrible, my parents had tried so hard. They got me and iPod, My favourite cakes,a new phone. Yet it all wasn’t enough.

A couple of days ago I clocked 20. I met this guy his name is Isaac. He started talking to me about “want”.  Isaac said to me can you recite psalm 23? And I started off confidently “The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want..” He stopped me before I could show off that I knew all six verses. Then he asked me what i wanted and i began listing down things. He stopped me yet again and said “I thought you just said the Lord is your Shepherd you shall not want” ..Hahaha. Funny right?

I’m beginning to see myself in a new light. The word of God says “Everything that is illuminated becomes lights and everything that the light hits is exposed”. Our wants as humans are endless,we can never have enough. Let me rephrase that “I am human ,I cannot have enough, my wants are limites less”. 

I have discovered a truth that has shocked my core. It’s unbelievable, He (God) should be all that I want. He must be enough for me.

To be continued. .

The confirmation letter 

​Where do I start? Firstly maybe an introduction. I am Zaithwa, a lover of many things. I’m into music, I sing. I also write. One of the reasons I love to write is because writing is a way of expressing emotion. I’m turning 20 in less than 10 days and I’m quite excited. 
This blog is a platform for sharing my stories (I have many just ask my friends lol). I love to share with people the things that I’ve gone through .

I’m going to start with thirteen. This was a year I really determined who I was and what I wanted to do with my life. I had a crazy obsession with Justin Bieber, you could call is a strong case of Bieber Fever. I had gone to extreme lengths to get in to come to Scotland, but it didn’t work out . I don’t think I had the money. When it came to school I was in third year, I had a crush on a boy in my year his name was Ben and he was white .

I don’t think Ben liked me much, it was either my skin,my personality or he found me creepy. Either way,I had kept a record of my most exciting and horrific days in a diary. Being in a foreign country wasn’t easy so I would talk through my pen and paper. Now I’m back to recalling those day I guess you can say I am “back in the habit”.

Watching all these amazing singers on shows like The X-Factor and Britain’s Got Talent made me want to try my luck on such opportunities.I thought to myself “if I become famous,I could meet Justin , Ben would probably like me back and I’d definitely be popular enough to fit it”. I saw myself filling in an application online  (without telling my parents) I just wanted to sing really.

God was definitely far from my thoughts. I would feel convicted everytime I thought about him. It was terrible , even though I grew up in a Christian home. When I look back i see that my efforts to fit in with the other kids distanced me from my core source of happiness. The music I would listen to was depressing, I would cry myself to sleep. Emotionally I was clearly unstable. Music was my escape, Justin Bieber was my imaginary boyfriend and life revolved around that only .

To my suprise my application was accepted and I had the chance to go for auditions, all I needed was the confirmation letter . Days passed which turned to weeks, till the audition day reached and I still didn’t have the letter – I didn’t really understand. Why would God do this? Doesn’t he know I want to go there and sing for him? I really didn’t plan on singing Gospel. Okay maybe like Hallelujah by Beyonce or Pray by Justin Bieber

I would like to take time to thank God for my mother who hid the confirmation letter from me .Clearly I can see that starting a music career at the age of thirteen clueless of the message I wanted to input in my music and only wanting to be famous for the wrong reasons was NOT what GOD had planned. Jeremieh 29 verse 11 says it well, the Lord knows the plans he has for us! When we try to alter them he comes to our rescue. It was God using my mother to keep me away from Destruction. I would hear her pray for me, “Lord keep my daughter safe” she would  say. And safe he did.

To be continued

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